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Posted: 18:23 GMT, Dec.. November 2020 | Updated: 21:29 GMT, Jan.. November 2020

Ciara and Vanessa Bryant have leaned on each other a lot over the past year after Bryant’s heartbreaking loss of husband Kobe and daughter Gianna in a tragic helicopter accident.

The close friends, 35 and 38, were back in action with a snuggly selfie when they shared they had a slumber party on Friday night.

With Bryant’s daughters Capri (one) and Bianka (three), who put on matching Aristocats pajamas, the foursome posted a smiley face.

Slumber party: Ciara (35) and Vanessa Bryant (38) shared a cute selfie from a « slumber party » they had with Bryant’s daughters Capri (one) and Bianka (three) on Friday night.

Ciara showed off her new ice blue locks as she had her makeup done in silky black pajamas while rocking Capri on her lap while Vanessa propped herself on her shoulder.

Not in attendance was Ciara’s daughter Sienna, three, whom she shares with Russell Wilson, and her newborn Win and Future Zahir, six, from her former partner, rapper Future.

With the halls decorated before Christmas, the ladies smiled in front of a curtain background with a tree in the frame when they labeled the photo “Slumber Party #Girls”. ‘

Mother’s Life: On her way on a Mexican getaway, Ciara shared a photo of her and Bryant breastfeeding their children in a jet. pictured on 30. September

At the beginning of October, the ladies went on a girls trip to Mexico, where they went on an island vacation with their children with their good friend Lala.

Ciara shared a photo of her and Vanessa aboard a private jet as they both cared for their youngins during a good motherhood.

In August, she spoke to her good friend’s strength and called her the toughest mom I know. ‘

Groovin ‘: Natalia Bryant and Ciara dance in a TikTok video while Bryant wishes Ciara a happy birthday. pictured October

‘When I see you and the girls smile, my heart smiles. You’re the toughest mom I know. It is admirable to see you put a foot forward every day. It’s not easy, but if I know one thing, Mamba Queen is capable of anything. I love you, V, ”she wrote in an Instagram post.

The inseparable duo often spends time with each other’s children. Vanessa even shares a TikTok from Ciara and her eldest daughter Natalia, 17, on social media around the age of 35. Celebrating birthday of C..

Recently, Ciara and her husband from Seattle Seahawks announced that they would be coming out with a fragrance depicting their passion for each other.

Passion project: « When we met for the first time, we were so passionate about each other and wanted to translate that into something, » said Ciara about the fragrance duo

R&C: Just in time for the holidays, the fragrance package features a male and a female fragrance as they used it as an opportunity to convey their passion for each other

R&C The fragrance duo has long been a dream project, as Ciara told people: “This is a dream that has come true for both of us. I’ve dreamed of creating my own fragrance for years and the chance to share our first fragrance together was really special and meaningful. ‘

Calling the process a “special gift,” she continued, “When we first met, we were so passionate about each other and wanted to translate that into something. We always wanted to create a common fragrance in the back of our minds. ‘

With a female and a male fragrance, the two would challenge each other and wear the « fragrances at different times of the day on different days » to see if they both had « the same reaction » to the fragrances they loved.

Settlement: To find the perfect scents, the duo would challenge each other on different days and wear different scents to see if their reactions to the scents they liked were still true.

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EbeneMagazine – USA – Ciara and Vanessa Bryant publish a cozy selfie from their slumber party

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