MiG-21 Aircraft Crashed: Martyred pilot Abhinav Chaudhary got married for Rs mr


The Indian Air Force fighter jet MIG-21 crashed late last night (Thursday) at Langiana Khurd village in Moga district of Punjab. Aviator Squadron Leader Abhinav Chaudhary, a resident of Ganganagar in Meerut, died in the accident. News of his death spread throughout the city. The court has been directed by the Air Force to investigate the incident. Abhinav Chaudhary’s family is originally from Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. They were married on December 25, 2019. Interestingly, Abhinav got married for Rs. He did not want to take any dowry, so he took only 1 rupee from his wife’s family. By marrying in this way, he had set an example in the society and also conveyed a positive message. The step they took was much appreciated. But his death has caused a stir.

Abhinav’s wedding ceremony was held at his residence in Gangasagar Colony. Her father Satendra Chaudhary accepted only 1 rupee from the girl’s party as a ritual. There should be no dowry method in marriage. Dowry is not a tool to connect two families. Satendra Chaudhary was of the view that this practice should be banned completely.

Abhinav Chaudhary was very smart in studies from his childhood. Apart from education, he was interested in various sports. While in Meerut, he was educated up to 5th standard in the Translate Academy. He was later educated at 6th to 12th standard at National Indian Military College, Dehradun (RIMC Dehradun). RIMC had a selection of select children from across the country. But on the first try, Abhinav was selected. So the family understands that their son is moving in the direction of high flying. Instead of being disappointed this time, everyone, including his father Satendra Chaudhary, encouraged him and admitted him to RIMC Dehradun.

While studying there, he began to pursue a military career. After leaving here, he joined the NDM and after completing his training at the Air Force Academy, joined the Air Force in 2014. After NDA training and education in Pune, he completed his training to become an officer at the Air Force Academy in Hyderabad. Abhinav got his first posting at Pathankot Airbase. According to Abhinav’s father, Abhinav Chaudhary was one of Abhinandan’s favorite officers. Congratulations were their seniors, but stayed in the posting together and worked together.

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