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« When we hear a new story, we have imagination. But we need to understand the vision of others rather than our imagination being correct. The characters in the story should also be seen in their point of view. Only then will good results come, ”said producer Bunny Vasu. Friday (June 11) is his birthday. Here is what Bunny Vasu had to say to Sakshi on the occasion.

► Usually the script that the newcomers say చెప్పిన We will build if we like. But now we want to give a chance to those who are new to production. This means that they will also be involved in the production of the film under our supervision.

The result of the movie ‘Chavu Kaburu Challaga’ was disappointing. The film is all about the mother character. This character could not be shown to connect to the audience. If a movie is released in theaters and is successful, the revenue for the producers will not come from OTT platforms. That’s why regular producers want to release it in theaters. Theaters are set to reopen at fifty percent capacity soon. Permits for 100% seating capacity may come by October. Corona wants the third wave not to come. Theaters will reopen in January of the new year if the third wave comes.

► If I like any story I will listen to Allu Arvind before. We’ll take him to the sets if he likes too. Also we will leave the project if neither of us likes the story. I give my success credit to Allu Arvind and Bunny (Allu Arjun) as producers. They are encouraging me and driving me forward.

I want to do another film with Bunny as a producer. We want to make this movie by the end of 2022 if we can find a good entertaining story. Alu Aravind spoke to director Prashant Neil. There will be a movie at Geeta Arts in Bunny, Prashant combination. Bunny is currently busy with ‘Flower’. The movie will be followed by an ‘Icon’ project after Part One.

I am going to make a new film in Srikakulam backdrop. Rahul Ravindran told a story. Shooting for Gopichand’s ‘Pakka Commercial’ will resume soon. We will soon make a decision about the release of Akhil ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’.

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