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Do you have things hanging around your house? Think about clever do-it-yourself storage!

You will need: fabric, scissors, a sewing machine, metal hooks, golden eyelets and a wooden rod

You will need: fabric, large eyelets, scissors, a tape measure, 2 metal brackets, screws and a screwdriver

You will need: 1 block of wood, 1 table saw, various drill bits and 1 drill

You will need: scissors, string, nails and clothespins

You will need: 1 small slatted base, screws, a screwdriver and hooks

You will need: 5 metal baskets, 2 wooden boards, 15 hooks, 20 steel screws, 1 drill driver, 1 jigsaw, 1 meter and sanding sheets

You will need: leather bands, scissors, nails and punch pliers

You will need: 1 wooden hanger, 1 sequin ribbon, 1 ribbon, 1 glue gun and scissors

You will need: 1 mirror, chicken wire, pliers or scissors, a stapler, and hooks (optional)

You will need: 1 meter, 1 wooden board, 1 table saw, drilled wooden balls, leather ribbons, two keyhole ties and keys

You will need: 1 U-shaped steel pipe, screws and a screwdriver

We often complain about not having enough space at home We put our things everywhere, we quickly stack them well done but by force it clutters all our space Worse still, sometimes we can not even find certain objects However, it is quite possible to optimize the layout of your interior thanks to clever, do-it-yourself storage

No need to be a great handyman or spend a fortune, with DIY you can make practical and original storage with your own hands For this, we think of recycling and customizing old objects or materials that we want to throw away Wooden crates, shoe boxes, picture frames, strings, fabrics … Anything can be used, you just need to have a little imagination Turn an old hanger into a jewelry rack, create storage for your makeup products with a piece of wood, or use a pegboard to hang all your kitchen utensils There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to space saving tips!

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News – DIY storage: 15 clever ideas to really save space at home – biba magazine





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