News – How to improve your sleep in 2021?


Choosing the right bedding is essential to sleep in good conditions But how do you make the right choice? The Sleeps brand is committed to enabling consumers to find bedding suited to their needs in just a few clicks

The 21st century has witnessed the emergence of several technological advances in various fields The field of bedding is not to be outdone Indeed, he took advantage of modern technologies aimed at improving the quality of sleep It is important to note that sleep disturbances are not just caused by everyday worries. Sleeping in poor quality bedding or bedding poorly suited to your personal needs can seriously affect the quality of your sleep. Conversely, using the right bedding allows you to have a longer restful sleep and ensures that you do not feel tired in the morning when you wake up

Everyone has specific bedding needs The choice of mattress, box spring, duvet or pillows should depend on your preferences For example, a mattress may be fine for a single person and not at all suitable for a couple. The same goes for the box spring or pillows By choosing the right bedding, you are guaranteed to have quality sleep

However, choosing the right bedding can be a tedious task. Indeed, there is a wide choice of products, whether in physical stores or online stores. In addition, two brands can, for example, offer the same mattress, but with different sales conditions. In order to choose the most suitable bedding at the best price, you can use a bedding comparator such as SleepsFr

Sleepsfr is a website that aims to compare different bedding items to help you make the best choice With a bedding comparator like Sleepsen, you can compare dozens of brands of mattresses, pillows, duvets and box springs Through this site, you can view product reviews in addition to finding expert, reliable and unbiased advice. About Sleepsen, reviews, tests and buying guides will guide you in choosing the perfect bedding

The mattress is, together with the box spring, one of the main parts that guarantee the quality of sleep A good mattress should offer you good support and have good firmness

To define support, consider its resistance to sagging, sagging of the mattress, its cushioning and its stability A mattress that provides good spine support will prevent back pain

The comfort felt when lying on the mattress depends on its firmness Firmness is based on the fabric or the filling thickness of the surface On the market you will find mattresses of different firmness: very soft, flexible, balanced, firm and very firm

There are 3 main types of mattresses, depending on the material they are made from: foam mattresses, latex mattresses and spring mattresses Each mattress offers different properties and suits different needs

The spring mattress benefits from technological advancements and today, spring suspensions are among the nicest for sale on the market The spring mattress is also the one that offers the best ventilation This makes it the most suitable mattress for people who are often too hot at night. The spring mattress therefore helps to stay cool

Natural or synthetic, the latex mattress offers several comfort zones, between 3 to 7 In addition, it is naturally hypoallergenic It is therefore perfect for those who are allergic to dust mites. It is a mattress suitable for wet areas since its alveolar composition makes it very ventilated

The memory foam mattress is the most popular mattress on the market The viscoelastic foam with which it is made is heat sensitive It is therefore a mattress that reacts to body temperature as well as to the temperature of the room It is a mattress that adapts to the silhouette and morphology and relieves pressure points The memory foam mattress is ideal for couples Indeed, it absorbs the movements As a result, you will not be disturbed during the night, even if your partner moves a lot while sleeping.

Regardless of the type of mattress, in order to guarantee optimal functionality and great durability, it is necessary to maintain it It is preferable to protect it with a breathable mattress sheet made of natural fibers It should be cleaned regularly with a slightly damp and soapy cloth, and dried with a hairdryer. Every 6 months, a mattress must be vacuumed using the brush or vacuum cleaner This will get rid of all the dust and dirt inside

The box spring is not too firm As a result, it offers strong and soft support This is the box spring that adapts perfectly to all types of spring mattresses However, this is not a suitable box spring for foam or latex mattresses

The slatted base is the all-purpose base It adapts to all types of mattresses

People who have blood circulation disorders or suffer from varicose veins should opt for the slatted base Manual or electric, the lifting slatted base is suitable for people with disabilities or those with special support needs It must be combined with either a foam mattress or a latex mattress

News – How to improve your sleep in 2021?





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