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Bring a touch of originality in your living room by adding color only on the bottom of the wall

For a resolutely modern living room, mix the shades of colors, as here with midnight blue and purple pink

Do you dream of an interior with a bohemian decor? The ocher paint is made for you!

Old rose brings color to the living room Apply it on a single section of wall, or up to the ceiling to bet on originality

The living room, this room in which we spend several hours every day, is intended to be friendly and comfortable We love to sit on our sofa to read a book or watch a movie, organize aperitifs around the coffee table and decorate every nook and cranny, with DIY creations, dried flowers or even antique paintings. Therefore, when we want to revamp this space, bring color or give the decor some pep, painting seems ideal to us! Painting a wall is within the reach of everyone, even DIY apprentices, so to spice up your living room, bring a roller, choose the color of your choice and let’s go!

For several years now, the main color trend has been terracotta! This hot pink, almost orange, invites itself on the walls to create a warm atmosphere in which you feel good So as not to suffocate the living room, we apply it to a section of the wall If you dream of a refined decor, you can opt for natural colors, such as ocher, beige or sage green Finally, if you want to add color while energizing the living room, play with shapes, painting only the bottom of the wall, arcs of a circle or even just a door…

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News – Living room painting: 9 color ideas for trendy and refined walls – Biba Magazine





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