News – Losing weight: the most stupid diets to absolutely avoid


Just because you want to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to do anything

The theory: smoking a cigarette cuts your appetite In the 1920s, it was even a marketing argument for the Lucky Strike brand (and women weren’t the only ones targeted) In fact: yes, the nicotine in a cigarette cuts the urge to eat But smoking especially increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems or developing cancer (lung, breast, bladder, colon, etc.)

The theory: you swallow a pill containing a tapeworm egg (more commonly known as the tapeworm), which will hatch and develop in your body Some present it as a harmless parasite that will consume your excess calories In fact: it causes digestive disorders, nausea, abdominal pain, appetite disturbances, skin rashes

The theory: to be satiated, just « eat » up to five cotton balls a day, soaked in orange or lemon juice or even in your smoothie This totally stupid diet had a brief « popularity » in 2014 In truth: « This practice can lead to an obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract which can put the life of the person in danger », quickly alerted doctors

The theory: when we sleep, we don’t eat So you have to sleep as much as possible Like Elvis Presley who practiced it In truth: it is obvious that it is impossible to swallow a steak or a salad when you are immersed in sleep (except in your dreams) But to sleep again and again, you have to take sleeping pills at the risk of becoming addicted or overdosing (and there, we will sleep forever)

The theory: alcoholic drinks are high in calories So, what if instead of eating we started drinking? In fact: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health It causes severe deficiencies (lack of calories, vitamins, nutrients) and harms the body And like cigarettes, it increases the risk of cancer

The theory: you get a patch the size of a postage stamp sewn onto your tongue The pain is such that we can no longer swallow solid foods and have to be content with liquid foods This « diet », devised by a plastic surgeon, should not continue beyond 30 days In fact: risk of infection, swelling, difficulty speaking, the patch can also come off and cause an obstruction of the airways

The theory: we don’t eat We pretend But we can still drink water Phew In truth: we don’t eat so we lose weight, it’s unstoppable logic But spending your life fasting is also the assurance of being deficient in everything and risking irreparably deteriorating your body. And even worse

The theory: in the 1820s, Lord Byron, a British poet and complexed by his weight, put vinegar in everything he ate (egg, potato cookie) and drank (tea, sparkling water) In truth: nausea and diarrhea guaranteed Lord Byron died at the age of 36

The theory: red and yellow colors stimulate our appetite, unlike blue According to a Japanese researcher, it is enough to wear blue glasses to eat less In truth: are we sure we will prevent ourselves from eating blue pasta?

Losing weight is not a fad of our times When it is decided to go on a diet, some are ready to test all kinds of possible and imaginable methods to achieve their goals quickly. At the risk of endangering his health

Paying attention to your figure is good (eating a healthy and balanced diet is the basis), testing crazy techniques to get rid of extra pounds is ineffective but above all dangerous Cigarettes, tapeworms, cotton … are these the miracle solutions? No and yet, these pseudo diets were once fashionable

Obviously losing weight is not an end in itself The important thing is to be well in your body And of course: don’t go on these diets They would put your health at risk We only tell you about it for your entertainment

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News – Losing weight: the most stupid diets to absolutely avoid





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