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The traditional Lorraine quiche has nothing to do with … discover all our original savory quiche recipes!

You will need: figs, onions, goat cheese log, soy milk, eggs, dried rosemary, turmeric, nuts, honey and spices

You will need: spinach, yellow onions, spinach, eggs, whipping cream, cumin, olive oil, reblochon and spices

You will need: Comice pears, ashy goat cheese, onion, walnuts, honey, eggs, whipping cream and spices

You will need: chicken breast, button mushrooms, eggs, liquid cream, parmesan, thyme, parsley and spices © culinarycom

You will need: hazelnut shortcrust pastry, eggs, head of broccoli, fresh goat cheese, liquid cream, milk, chorizo, Espelette pepper and spices

You will need: chanterelles, onion, chestnuts, garlic, eggs, soy milk, olive oil, fresh parsley and spices

You will need: carrot tops, onion, crème fraîche, eggs, grated gruyere, nutmeg and spices

You will need: eggs, crème fraîche, bacon, potatoes, reblochon, onion, nutmeg and spices

You will need: fresh salmon, leek whites, eggs, shallot, fresh goat cheese, white cheese, Dijon mustard, basil, nutmeg, olive oil and spices

You will need: chard, fresh goat cheese, onion, crème fraîche, pine nuts, eggs, olive oil and spices

You will need: cooked beets, spinach, feta cheese, bread nuts, cream of rice, eggs and spices

You will need: Butternut squash, red onion, garlic, whole crème fraîche, Roquefort cheese, grated Gruyere, hazelnuts, fresh parsley, nutmeg, butter and spices

You will need: pumpkin, onion, goat cheese log, eggs, soy milk, hazelnuts, thyme, olive oil and spices

You will need: medium red cabbage, carrots, eggs, liquid cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and spices

You will need: fine green asparagus, pesto, eggs, soy cream, goat cheese log and spices

You will need: bacon, onions, milk, butter, button mushrooms, eggs, olive oil, crème fraîche, wine vinegar, sugar and spices

You will need: broccoli, smoked salmon, liquid cream, whole milk, eggs, cream cheese, dill, parsley, nutmeg and spices

You will need: tomatoes, canned tuna, Dijon mustard, eggs, liquid cream and spices© ladycoquilletteen

You will need: leeks, celery stalk, poppy seeds, olive oil, eggs, crème fraîche, milk and spices© artichautetcerisenoireen

You will need: fennels, fennel seeds, olive oil, fresh thyme, honey, apples, oat cream, egg, fresh cheese (like Chavroux), pine nuts and spices© spicesetmoibe

You will need: carrots, onion, silky tofu, coconut milk, vegetable milk, flour, cumin, curry, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, spices

It’s a fact, this pandemic period has awakened the blue cordon that lay dormant within us Indeed, forced to remain more than reasonable within our walls, cooking has become by force of circumstances a real moment of pleasure, sharing and creation. Among other gourmet dishes that we love to make, the famous salty quiche is at the top of the menu. Easy to prepare, this one also has the advantage of being available in a thousand and one ways: fig, goat cheese and honey quiche, vegetable quiche, salmon quiche etc … there is something for everyone! The main thing is that it is smooth, with migaine, but also tasty thanks to the spices and condiments used To taste, with a good soup, it’s even better!

To make your homemade shortcrust pastry in five minutes – essential in the preparation of a savory quiche – it is important to take into account some grandmother’s tips First of all the ingredients, use a soft butter to mix it by hand with the flour, this will give a sandy dough that sticks during baking Also, add the right amount of water, the dough should be flexible enough and it should not stick to the fingers

Then, adopt the right movements, for a successful shortcrust pastry you have to be careful with sanding (properly rub the flour / butter mixture between your hands) and milling (crush the dough on your work surface with your palm. your hand, then push and start again until everything is smooth) But remember, don’t over-handle the dough! Once the ball is formed, place the dough in the fridge for 30 minutes, it will be tender and soft

A little extra: to give your shortbread more flavor, don’t hesitate to add a teaspoon of powdered ingredients with the flour: Provence herbs, garlic powder, sesame, cumin, etc.

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News – Recipes: 33 (absolutely) delicious and quick to make quiche ideas – biba magazine





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