News – Salad Jar: The Best Heathly Recipes To Try Out!


-a few spinach leaves / 1 avocado / 2 tsp cooked chickpeas / a few basil leaves / 1 tbsp vinegar / 3tbspolive oil / 1 red onion / 1 yellow tomato / 1 grapefruit

Preparation side: After cutting all the ingredients into cubes, follow the layering rule and you’re done!

-1 c balsamic vinegar / 3 tbsp olive oil / 1 tbsp maple syrup / quinoa / a few chopped pecans / 1 pear / ½ chopped red onion / a few dried cranberries and finally baby spinach

Preparation side: After having cut the pear and onion in, all you have to do is follow the steps to create the salad jar In a few minutes it’s already over!

For aficionados of Italian cuisine, this recipe will be sure to make your eyes sweet!

-a portion of pasta – a few cherry tomatoes – a few spinach leaves – basil leaves – 3 tbspolive oil – 1 tbspteaspoon balsamic vinegar – a little mozzarella

On the preparation side: After cooking the pasta and cutting the cherry tomatoes in half, distribute all the food in the glass jar in the recommended order All you have to do is taste

-2 colive oil / 1 tbsptablespoon vinegar / a few pieces of chicken / a few cherry tomatoes and green salad

Preparation side: layer all the ingredients in the jar To finalize the recipe, you can add some Provence herbs if you wish

1 tomato / 3 tbspcooked semolina / ½ yellow pepper / 1 small carrot / a few black olives / A piece of cucumber / 1 handful of salad / 2 tbspolive oil / 1 tbsplemon juice

Preparation side: following the order indicated in the introduction to the article, arrange the ingredients of the salad jar and enjoy!

-4 csesame seeds / 1 tbspEspelette pepper / 1 tspginger / 1 tbspcider / 3 tbspsesame oil / salmon / lime / a few spinach leaves / ½ avocado and mango

On the preparation side: arrange the ingredients in the right order and it’s good, your salad jar just needs to be tasted

-peas / chioggia beet / 1 avocado / salad / zucchini spaghetti / a few radishes / raspberries / 1 tsplime / 2 tbspolive oil

How about adding some color to your everyday life with this rainbow salad jar recipe!

-1 tomato / 100 grams of corn / 50 grams of shredded red cabbage / 1 shallot / 1 large carrot / 1 green pepper / 1 handful of baby spinach / 2 tbsp olive oil / 1 tbsptablespoon of balsamic vinegar

For a balanced meal, quick to prepare and delicious, we have found the ideal solution: the salad jar His particuliarity ? Its preparation! The principle is simple: all you need to do is provide yourself with a fairly large jar and layer the salad ingredients on top of each other At mealtime, all you have to do is shake it and empty it on your plate or eat directly from the jar Not bad isn’t it?

Even if the recipe for the salad jar seems simple, there are still some rules to follow regarding the layering of foods

To start, it is imperative to arrange the dressing first But be careful, it must not be in contact with fragile foods. Therefore, the following order must be respected:

Avoid tamping down the food and leave space between the salad and the lid You are now ready to try out some salad jar recipes!

News – Salad Jar: The Best Heathly Recipes To Try Out!





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