Only A Massive “Friends” Fan Will Be Able To Pass This Janice Test


SEASON 1:What do the candy hearts that Janice has made for Chandler say?

“Jandler Forever”

“Chan and Jan Forever”

“Jan Loves Chan”

“Chan Chan and Jan Jan”

The hearts say “Chan and Jan forever!”

SEASON 2:How does Chandler reconnect with Janice at the end of this season?

They chat online

They reunite at a wedding

She’s Rachel’s new coworker

They bump into each other at a doctor’s office

They chat online!

They don’t realize they’re talking to each other until Janice shows up to meet Chandler at Central Perk.

SEASON 3:Fill in the blank:”Joey and Janice’s ______”

New York Day!

Big Fun Day!

Non-stop Day!

Day of Fun!

“Joey and Janice’s DAY OF FUN!”

SEASON 4:What’s the fake address in Yemen that Chandler gives Janice?

15 Yemen Street, Yemen

15 Yemen Way, Yemen

15 Yemen Road, Yemen

15 Yemen Lane, Yemen

It’s “15 Yemen Road, Yemen”

SEASON 5:Why does Janice and Ross’s short-lived romance end?

He finds her too whiny

She finds him too whiny

Chandler gets mad

Janice’s ex-husband returns

Janice finds Ross too whiny!

SEASON 6:What song does Janice sing on the mixtape that Chandler re-gifts to Monica?

“The Way You Look Tonight”

“My Funny Valentine”

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

“You Are So Beautiful”

She sings “My Funny Valentine”!

“The Way You Look Tonight” is also on the tape, but Janice doesn’t sing it. “I love the way you look EVERY NIGHT, Chandler!”

SEASON 7: What dish does Janice send back to the kitchen at Monica’s restaurant?





It’s chicken!

SEASON 8:What’s Janice’s new husband’s name?





Her new husband’s name is Sid!

SEASON 9:What does Janice call the specimen cup that Chandler gets at the fertility clinic?

“Cup for Kids”

“Kiddy Size”

“The Special Cup”

“The Itty Bitty Cup”

She jokingly calls it “Kiddy Size”!

SEASON 10:When Monica and Chandler run into Janice while looking at houses, she says it’s a small world. Chandler replies, “And yet, I never run into….”

Mariah Carey


Sheryl Crow

Cindy Crawford

It’s Beyoncé!

BONUS QUESTION: Which of these was never one of Janice’s last names?





Hoffman’s the fake name!


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