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A US Air Force B-52H Boeing aircraft was diverted to Gloucestershire after an engine failure

A US Air Force B-52H Boeing aircraft from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota has been diverted to RAF Fairford and is on hold over Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The aircraft with the callsign CAKE11 declared an emergency due to an engine failure and circled on 14. 000 feet across Cleeve, Churchdown, Ashchurch and Tewksebury Vale.

People heard the plane fly overhead even though it was obscured by clouds and it arrived in Gloucestershire around 2pm. 43 o’clock and has been circling ever since.

And aircraft enthusiasts overseeing RAF Fairford have watched the aircraft’s progress as it continues its hold-up pattern in the Gloucetershire skies.

Video footage has also shown it overhead and it was originally reported on Twitter by a pilot who said, « CAKE11 B-52H 61-0001 has reported an emergency and is being rerouted to RAF Fairfield due to an engine failure.

« I believe there is an engine on the right wing . This bomber is from Minot AFB ND. BW flown. « 

The last time a B52 bomber sent a distress signal in the air over Gloucestershire in the fall, it was back.

The US Air Force B-52 bomber hit. Sent a squawk code 770 due to an in-flight emergency near Tewkesbury on Sept..

It happened when six of the bombers were stationed at RAF Fairford and it landed safely.

It has been reported that an engine fire caused one of the aircraft’s engines to shut down.

The twin-engine plane continues to circle for an hour to burn fuel before landing.

The plane was reported to have drained fuel prior to making an emergency landing in Gloucestershire.

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EbeneMagazine – GB – The US Air Force B-52H is diverted to RAF Fairford after an emergency
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