PS4 ‘cryptofarm’ has reportedly used bots to grind FIFA currency in-game


Earlier this month, officials in Ukraine blew up what appeared to be a cryptocurrency mining operation that used thousands of PS4 consoles to mine crypto. That doesn’t quite seem to be the case. According to a new report, the consoles (and allegedly stolen electricity) were actually used to farm and sell digital currency and accounts for EA’s FIFA games. The Ukrainian news agency Delo reported that PCs had bots on the consoles to play FIFA and automatically earn in-game currency. Players can use FIFA Coins in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode to either attract wanted players in an open market or open controversial FUT packs in hopes of unlocking killer additions for their teams. FUT packs can also be opened with real money.

Although buying or selling FIFA coins with real money is against EA guidelines, it hasn’t stopped the thriving black market for digital currency. People are selling coins or gaming accounts loaded with the currency to players desperately looking for a dream FUT roster. One page I checked listed a PS4 FIFA 21 account with 5.1 million coins for $ 300.

Ultimate Team modes in EA’s sports games are hugely important to the developer’s bottom line. Last year EA made $ 1.62 billion with Ultimate Team, which was 29 percent of its net sales for the fiscal year. « A substantial part » of this revenue came from FIFA games.

Meanwhile, FUT packs and other loot boxes have come under regulatory control over the past few years. Since players cannot see which soccer players they are unlocking when purchasing a package, some authorities have labeled the packages as a form of gambling. Belgium banned this type of game mechanic in 2018. This summer, perhaps to fend off criticism, EA began testing some sort of FUT package that players can use to preview the content.

« We’re not building anymore, » said Al Avila, general Manager of the Detroit Tigers, on the trading deadline. « We’re building. »

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TOKYO (Reuters) – Two goals by Swedish striker Stina Blackstenius on Wednesday meant a disaster for the United States, when they suffered a shocking 3-0 defeat on their Tokyo 2020 debut. The fifth-placed Sweden put pressure almost immediately with three shots in the first eight minutes, as the four-time Olympic champions were undefeated little of the outstanding series of 44 games they had seen since 2019. In the 25th minute, striker Stina Blackstenius converted a header past US goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher with an assist from Sofia Jakobsson.

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