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Tag: Arctic

EM – Antarctica is reaching record temperatures, experts say

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EM – Antarctic sea ice reaches lowest minimum on record

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EM – Aurora Expeditions kicks off the 2023 arctic and global season

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EM – Seabourn unveils Northeast and Northwest Passages voyages in 2023

Similar title : - Seabourn to offer Northeast cruises - and Northwest Passages on for 2023 ...

EM – UN chief calls for “immediate, rapid and large-scale” emissions reductions to curb climate change

Antonio Guterres warned governments that climate change is progressing faster than predicted and that fossil fuel emissions have already recovered from a pandemic.

EM – World from the time of climate change, says UN chief António Guterres

The world is "too late" to act on climate change and the consequences will be catastrophic if large-scale reductions in greenhouse gases are...

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