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EM – “I’m in a face mask”: The Senator’s “scary” COVID fight

Labor Senator Katy Gallagher has revealed the dire reality of her COVID-infected daughter treating while her "son waits in the next room to catch it" as Canberra's cluster continues to grow.

EM – NZ is on lockdown after a single COVID case in the community

All of New Zealand will be on lockdown for three days from 11:59 p.m. tonight after a COVID-19 case was discovered in the community in Auckland.

EM – New Zealand moves to level 4 lockdown

Jacinda Ardern says it is time for the five million team to "reunite". Marc Daalder is a senior political reporter based...

EM – Coronavirus Live News: New Zealand reports first community case in 8 months, US expected to introduce booster shots

Auckland authorities are trying to track down the source of New Zealand's first community transmission case since February, while Americans are reported to receive booster vaccinations starting next month

EM – MP hits back on outrage over “offensive” Taliban tweet

Former Resource Secretary Matt Canavan was beaten up by members of his own party for an "offensive" tweet about the Taliban and climate targets.

EM – When McGowan finally breaks lockdowns, limits

Maintaining border closings and barriers after WA hits 80 percent vaccination rate is what the national cabinet “agreed” to, claims Prime Minister Mark McGowan amid renewed criticism for his tough stance.

EM – Australia Covid Live News Update: NSW reports 466 cases and four deaths while Victoria records 21 and Qld six

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian reduces the movement limit for the greater Sydney area to 3 miles from home

EM – Ben Roberts-Smith says ex-wife lied in court while accessing his personal email

An attorney for the accused war criminal Ben Roberts-Smith has told a judge that his ex-wife has not been honest about whether she gave her close friend access to her ex-husband's email account and misused his confidential and privileged information.

EM – Sex work should be decriminalized in Victoria

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EM – Canberra will be banned

Australia's capital Canberra was sentenced to a seven-day lockdown Thursday after a single Covid-19 case was discovered in the city that ...

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EM – Simuler la saison NBA 2021-22 des Boston Celtics

Simulation : à quoi ressemble l'avenir des Celtics 2021-22 ? est apparu à l'origine sur NBC Sports Boston La saison 2021-22 des Boston...

EM – Cox Communications connaît une panne généralisée en Acadiana, Baton Rouge

Cox a publié une déclaration à 20 h 30, déclarant : « Nous subissons une panne sur nos marchés de Baton Rouge et...

EM – Les Sabres de Buffalo sont une étude de cas en échec

Ce n'est que lorsque vous prenez du recul et que vous regardez pendant un bon moment que vous percevez à quel point il faut des efforts pour être aussi mauvais que les Sabres.

EM – Ils ont mordu des étrangers dans les boîtes de nuit

Trois hommes ont été arrêtés par la police britannique après que de nombreux étudiants, hommes et femmes, aient signalé des attaques à l'aiguille.