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EM – $1 billion to flow into Great Barrier Reef to prevent listing “at risk”.

The Morrison government will pledge an additional $1 billion to help save the ailing Great Barrier Reef, which is still at risk of being listed as "at risk".

EM – Coalition pledges US$1 billion for the Great Barrier Reef

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EM – The reef protection gets another billion dollars

The Morrison government is spending another $1 billion to protect the Great Barrier Reef after successfully lobbying UNESCO to delay a listing decision.

EM – Labor stands for great election victories in WA

A new poll has predicted that Labor in WA will secure a huge 10 percent rise and win four seats in the state en route to obtaining majority rule in the 2022 election.

EM – Germany’s Scholz takes power after Merkel’s 16-year rule

Olaf Scholz inherits longstanding challenges from his predecessor Angela Merkel and is faced with a number of short-term crises that could complicate his plans to modernize the German state and its economy.

EM – Comment: Germany’s new government coalition will face challenges in a post-Merkel world

What Germany's new center-left government wants to do with the economy, Europe, Russia, China and transatlantic relations.

EM – Germany’s new government reveals plans to legalize cannabis and exit coal

Three German parties have sealed a deal for a new government, with left-wing Olaf Scholz being proposed as the new chancellor after lengthy coalition negotiations and a historic election in which Angela Merkel resigns after 16 years at the helm.

EM – Olaf Scholz devient chancelier fédéral, un accord de coalition est trouvé

Les trois partis vainqueurs des élections au Bundestag ont formé une coalition gouvernementale pour remplacer Angela Merkel à la Chancellerie.

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EM – “This shows the importance of VAR” – Alisson Becker after Brazil were sent off twice in the World Cup qualifier...

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson was shown two red cards by VAR in a crazy game between Ecuador and Brazil, but both were switched

EM – Kuleba et Borrell discutent de la préparation de sanctions contre la Russie

Au cours d'une conversation téléphonique, Borrell a informé Kuleba des résultats de la réunion du Conseil des affaires étrangères et l'a invité à...

EM – Goalkeeper Vitezslav Jaros is loaned out to Notts County

The 20-year-old will be there until the end of the season.