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EM – Uncontrolled migration is not an answer to the UK labor shortage

A shortage of truck drivers has led to an increase in the number of containers that are stored in Felixstowe. - Credit:...

EM – Jess Brammar confirmed as senior news editor for the BBC – Press Gazette

Jess Brammar joins BBC: Former editor-in-chief of Huffpost UK has been confirmed as senior news editor for news networks.

EM – Biden and the UK are helping Australia acquire nuclear submarines in a new pushback against China

President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled new efforts to assist Australia in acquiring nuclear submarines, a major step in the fight against China, as he works to build international support for his approach in Beijing.

EM – Dominic Raab is deposed as British Foreign Secretary by Johnson in the cabinet reshuffle

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reshuffled his cabinet and transferred Dominic Raab from foreign minister to deputy prime minister and attorney general, Downing Street announced on Wednesday.

EM – Raab Moved When Williamson Leaves – BBC News

He is deposed as Secretary of State but has three new roles, while Gavin Williamson is one of three others who have been sacked.

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EM – The racing world mourns jockey Chris Caserta

Caserta invaded the waters of the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday evening.

EM – Liverpool a donné un gros coup de pouce aux transferts en tant que «rêves» cibles de travailler sous Jurgen Klopp

Le patron de LIVERPOOL, Jurgen Klopp, a reçu un coup de pouce pour les transferts avant la nouvelle année

EM – Okta plonge de 8% après des estimations erronées des bénéfices du troisième trimestre (NASDAQ:OKTA)

Les actions d'Okta (OKTA) ont chuté de plus de 8 % à 181,95 $ après que la société a publié des bénéfices du troisième trimestre qui n'étaient pas conformes aux estimations. Au cours du troisième trimestre fiscal, Okta (OKTA) a déclaré qu'elle avait un net...