Tags Coronavirus NSW

Tag: Coronavirus NSW

EM – Daily COVID death toll in NSW reaches 34 amid new 20,324 cases

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EM – A further 48 people have died from COVID-19 in NSW and Victoria

A further 34 COVID-19-related deaths were reported in New South Wales, with Victoria recording 14 new fatalities.

EM – COVID hospitalizations have fallen as more than 30 deaths are recorded in NSW

The number of people being treated for coronavirus in NSW hospitals has fallen.

EM – Almost 60,000 positive rapid tests registered with Service NSW

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EM – ACCC is investigating complaints of price gouging in rapid antigen tests

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EM – Monitoring Prime Minister for COVID-19 symptom after positive case at Kirribilli House

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EM – Sydney Hospital sends 400 false negatives

The pathology department of a major Sydney hospital accidentally sent more than 400 false negative test results on Christmas Day.

EM – NSW residents receive two new Dine and Discover vouchers

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EM – Backpacker hostel in lockdown

A backpacker hostel in Byron Bay was locked down after a guest tested positive for COVID-19.

EM – Dozens of Byron Bay backpackers locked down after a positive COVID case was confirmed

The police make sure that no guests leave the building in the popular NSW vacation town.

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