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EM – Australia signs $ 1 billion defense deal with South Korea

Relations between Australia and South Korea have strengthened as the two countries signed a $ 1 billion defense deal.

EM – WA mother’s staggering evidence on defense suicide investigation

The WA mother of a 26-year-old RAAF flight officer who took her own life told of the callous treatment of her son by the defense personnel, which left her on a spiral of desperation and alcoholism.

EM – “China threatens alarming parallels with World War II”: Dutton

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton warned Australia of a pre-war scenario with the rise of China, saying it echoed the tensions in the 1930s that led to World War II.

EM – Australia sends troops to aid in rioting in the Solomon Islands

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EM – Australia sends troops to riots that hit Solomons

After riots in the capital Honiara, Australia is sending police, diplomats and defense personnel to the Solomon Islands to ensure stability and security.

EM – One of Australia’s greatest war puzzles solved

Exactly 80 years to the day on which the HMAS Sydney was sunk by the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, the identity of the unknown sailor can finally be revealed.

EM – “Like throwing toothpicks on a mountain”: former Australian Prime Minister at Aukus submarines

Former Labor Party leader Paul Keating urges Canberra not to unnecessarily provoke Beijing.

EM – Boeing plant builds unmanned aircraft for Toowoomba

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EM – ‘Fails WA’: McGowan suggests the decision to dock over the entire cycle

Mark McGowan has slammed the federal government's decision to maintain the lucrative full-cycle docking of the Royal Australian Navy's Collins-class submarines in South Australia.

EM – US, Australia and UK Announce Breakthrough Security Deal: Reports

The United States, Australia and the UK are expected to announce a breakthrough security pact on Wednesday that could include a multi-billion dollar Paris-Canberra deal to scrap submarines, Australian media reported.

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EM – Netmarble annonce The Seven Deadly Sins : Origin, un jeu en monde ouvert pour PC, console et mobile

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EM – Bidens welcomes new family cat to the White House

First Lady Jill Biden has unveiled the long-awaited cat of the Biden family.