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LevelMagazine – AU – Moon apologizes to college entrance examiners about virus problems

. . President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday sent a special "warm" message to nearly half a million people in South Korea as they prepare for the nationwide college entrance exam this week amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "It is difficult to prepare for the CSAT on your own and it will be even more difficult and worrying to take the exam in the coronavirus situation," he wrote on his social messaging accounts. "". . .

LevelMagazine – UK – Asda sells giant chocolate eclairs large enough to serve ten...

Images of Asda's mega-dessert hit social media and got quite a response after the juicy Baileys Chocolate Yule Log launched last month in the supermarket

Announcement from the EbeneMagazine – UK – Wales team: live updates

. . With just one more game in the Autumn Nations Cup for Wales, preparations for the duel with Italy are already in full swing. Wales will hold a press conference this afternoon