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EM – Belarus will hold a constitutional referendum | foreign letter

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EM – Taiwan’s vote on pork imports could call US relations into question

Taiwan will go to the polls on Saturday to vote controversial on whether to accept pork imports from the United States, a major trade problem that could seriously affect Taipei's relations with Washington.

EM – Voters vote in landmark referendums in Taiwan – and test for Tsai

Camps on both sides of the campaign to divide political up to the wire, with night rallies on Friday.

EM – French territory votes against independence in boycotted referendum

Islanders in Pacific New Caledonia's territory voted overwhelmingly to remain part of France on Sunday in a third referendum boycotted by independence groups, creating fears of new tensions.

EM – Nouvelle-Calédonie : le référendum aura lieu dimanche sous alerte cyclonique

En Nouvelle-Calédonie, le jour du troisième référendum sur l'indépendance, un ouragan avertissant de danger de mort se déclenchera dimanche à 5 heures du...

EM – Nouvelle-Calédonie : “L’Etat ne tient que ce qu’il promet”

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EM – COVID-19 : Centre de Santé et de Vaccination le 5 décembre 2021 en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Un point sanitaire complet sur l'évolution de la pandémie de Covid-19 et un point de vaccination quantifié pour lutter contre la propagation du virus le dimanche 5 décembre 2021 en Nouvelle-Calédonie.

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EM – Is Winona Ryder a stranger to plastic surgery? Your metamorphosis

After more than three decades in Hollywood, has Winona Ryder had plastic surgery? See what she said and photos of her transformation.

Icône vapotant sur les Broncos polarisants sin-bin

Icône vapotant sur les Broncos polarisants sin-bin #Icône #vapotant #sur #les #Broncos #polarisants #sinbin Source: 9news.com.au