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EM – Still a mystery from January 6th: Who planted the pipe bombs the night before the attack on the Capitol?

In fact, because of the way the suspect is covered up, investigators cannot say for sure if it is a man or a woman.

EM – Australia sends troops to aid in rioting in the Solomon Islands

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EM – Australia sends troops to riots that hit Solomons

After riots in the capital Honiara, Australia is sending police, diplomats and defense personnel to the Solomon Islands to ensure stability and security.

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EM – Keanu Reeves once went homeless to prepare for a role, and what he did next proves why he’s the nicest guy in...

Keanu Reeves lived homeless to prepare for a movie role in a story that once again proves he's the nicest guy in Hollywood.

EM – Netmarble annonce The Seven Deadly Sins : Origin, un jeu en monde ouvert pour PC, console et mobile

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