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EM – Le mandat de masque d’intérieur de la Californie prendra fin la semaine prochaine pour les personnes vaccinées, selon le gouverneur

Citant une baisse de 65% des cas de Covid-19 depuis le pic de la poussée d'Omicron, la Californie mettra fin à son mandat de masque d'intérieur à l'échelle de l'État pour les personnes vaccinées la semaine prochaine, près de deux ans après sa première mise en œuvre, a annoncé lundi le gouverneur Gavin Newsom.

EM – The Dutch Prime Minister says the booster campaign started too late

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday the government had made mistakes with the COVID-19 strategy and should have started the refresher campaign earlier.

EM – Huge crowds flock to pandemic protests in Melbourne, Sydney and other capital cities

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EM – Djokovic is only allowed to play Australian Open if he is vaccinated – reports

The world's number one tennis player is a vocal opponent of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and has repeatedly maintained its stance of "freedom of choice" about the shot.

EM – Premier backtracking on public health commitments

Prime Minister Peter Gutwein appears to be abandoning some of his previous public health commitments as we near the date he has set for the reopening of Tasmania's borders

EM – A new COVID-19 case in NT after Katherine was banned

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EM – A fact check for Greta Mills

Greta Mills' latest article denying vaccine mandates is full of Facebook-style anti-Vax misinformation. Too bad: Public health and safety are at stake....

EM – San Francisco In-N-Out was closed after violating the COVID vaccination mandate

The popular burger chain said in a statement that they "refuse to become the vaccination police for any government".

EM – Japan hits 50% COVID vaccination rate and could ease restrictions in November

Japan's vaccine rollouts began in mid-February, months behind many affluent countries due to lengthy clinical testing requirements and the lengthy approval process.

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