The 24-team European Football Championship kicks off today ta


The 24-team European Football Championship kicks off today « || » The 24-team European Football Championship kicks off today

The European Championship (Euro), the largest and most popular football tournament after the World Cup, is held every 4 years. The match, which was scheduled to take place last year, has been postponed for a year due to the Corona threat and is currently scheduled to take place. The 16th European Football Championship starts today (Friday) and runs until next month (July 11). Usually one or two countries compete together. But this football festival, for the first time in history, is being staged in 11 countries, including England, Germany, Italy and Denmark.

A total of 24 teams are participating. They are divided into 6 sections. Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland in Division A, Denmark in Division B, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Netherlands in Division C, Ukraine, Austria, Northern Macedonia, UK in Division D, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Poland in Group E. In Group F, the teams are Hungary, Portugal, France and Germany. Each team must face the other team in their division once. At the end of the league a total of 16 teams will advance to the knock-out round, with the top 2 teams in each division and the top 4 teams in 3rd place. Eight teams from Round 16 will advance to the quarterfinals.

Football experts have been speculating for months about which team will have a chance to taste the trophy as the top 24 teams from the European continent advance to the main round through the qualifying round. The world champion France team has a bright chance of winning the title. Most of the players on the squad that won the 2018 World Cup remain unshakable hope for France. The ‘young storm’ Kalyan Mbabane, who is capable of running fast and breaking the opponent’s defensive wall, is in the star squad of Nicolas Conte, Boca, Chrisman and Olivier Giroud, who played a key role in Chelsea winning the trophy in the Champions League. The return of Karim Benzema, who has been playing for Real Madrid for 6 years, has further strengthened the French squad.

England are leading the team in chances. England advanced to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup under Gareth Southgate. Captain Hurricane scored 6 goals and went on to knock off the golden shoe. The same alliance is re-emerging. The England team has never sniffed the Euro Cup before. Entering the final, one can get lucky playing on home soil (London Wembley Stadium).

Although Germany were strong, their hopes were dashed by a 0-6 defeat to Spain in the National League and a 1-2 defeat to smaller Macedonia in the qualifying round. Joachim Loew, who has coached the team for 15 years, is bidding farewell to the tournament. So he devises strategies with the intention of leaving with a prize. Leading player Thomas M முller has been called up after a long break. If Mல்லller, who played well for Bayern Munich, shows the same level of play in the national team, Germany will be able to rise again. The 21-year-old Howard, who scored in the Club Champions League final and shined as Chelsea’s hero, is also expected.

Belgium, the world number one team, is also running the race this time. The Belgian team, which has won all 10 matches in the qualifying round, includes top players such as Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne and Romlu Lukaku. Belgium, who have yet to reach the finals of the World Cup and the Euros, are eagerly awaiting long-term relief.

The Portuguese team, led by defending champion Cristiano Ronaldo, cannot be ruled out. Ronaldo, who has scored 104 goals (175 games) for Portugal so far, will break Iran’s Ali Toi (109 goals) record for most goals in international football if he scores six more. If the 36-year-old Ronaldo had achieved this feat in the current series, there is no doubt that the team would have reached the pinnacle of the journey to retain the trophy. Similarly, Italy, Spain and Croatia, who have not lost in the last 27 games, will be in the heat of the moment as they will take the reins at any time.

Italy-Turkey clash in Rome, Italy on the opening day today. The local environment is favorable for Italy. ‘There will be surprises in every opening game. I hope we can do it too, ”said Turkish coach Cenol Guinness.

The Italian government has already stated that only 25 percent of fans will be allowed inside the stadium due to the Corona anti-security measure. With this, 16 thousand fans will be able to enjoy the match live. They are required to bring a certificate of corona vaccination and a certificate of no corona within the last 48 hours before entering the stadium.

The match will be telecast live on Sony Six and Sony Ten channels starting at 12.30 pm Indian time. Commenting in Tamil on Sony Ten4 channel.

Each team that enters the field of Euro football will receive a match fee of Rs 82 crore. Rs 13 crore will be given for the league round win and Rs 60 crore for the draw. The same goes for knock-out, quarter-final and semi-final victories. The winner of the Champions Trophy will receive a cash prize of Rs 89 crore. If the match fee and each round win are taken into account, the team that wins the championship will be rewarded with a maximum of Rs 302 crore.

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