Video Captures Police Manipulation Yelling At Teen In Brisbane Skate Park


An onlooker has captured footage of Queensland Police yelling, grabbing and threatening a teenager in a skate park.

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Queensland police caught on camera assault, scolding young teen in skate park…

Queensland police catch camera assault and reprimand young teen in skate park.

A teen, believed to have committed felonies and returned home, is found in a skate park and forced to lie on the floor with the police above him. Image: Nine NewsSource: NCA NewsWire

Dramatic footage has captured the moment when Queensland police assault and verbally abuse a young teenager in a skate park on the outskirts of Brisbane, claiming their actions may have changed him.

The video, captured Wednesday night by a concerned onlooker at a skate park in Jimboomba, shows an officer yelling at the teen while inside a vehicle before being grabbed and sent to a grassy area and forced to lie down.

« If I ever see you again, you’re going to jail, » an officer says, leaning into the passenger side of the vehicle.

The teenager (in a gray top) is removed from a vehicle and is about to lie on the ground.  Photo:

The teenager (in a gray top) is removed from a vehicle and is about to lie down on the ground. Photo:Source: NCA NewsWire

« Why are you here? No, it’s not good enough. What’s wrong with you? »

After yelling at the teen, the officer marches him onto the lawn.

« You are being recorded », the officers are warned by one of the onlookers.

Two officers then approach the person filming the incident and ask for their details.

« Mate, I just need your details, in case you witnessed what happened here tonight, » the officer says.

Teenager, in gray top, lies on the ground with police above him.  Image: Nine News

Teenager, in gray top, lies on the ground with police above him. Image: Nine NewsSource: NCA NewsWire

But the person filming doesn’t flinch.

They continue to film as they give the officers some advice and ask what they thought of their treatment of the teen.

« Of course I witnessed what happened here tonight, » he told police.

« Get out of hand mate. I know you’re a cop, but it’s getting out of hand. »

One of the officers explained that there was more to the story and that they could have had such an impact that the teen would change his life.

« Of course you don’t know the full story of what happened tonight, » the officer said.

“It’s not the first time we’ve dealt with him.

« I think we may have turned it around. »

One of the police officers caught on camera assaulting and berating the teen says they « turned him over. » Nine newsSource:Supplied

Queensland Police have issued a statement saying the teen was allegedly involved in two incidents earlier that evening before being called to the skate park.

The teenager is said to have smashed glass windows and doors from various companies in a shopping center in Jimboomba around 6 p.m.

An hour later, police allege that the teen attempted to steal the keys from the occupants of a stationary car.

The boy had been returned home after the two incidents before the police were called again to find the teen at the skate park on Flagstonian Drive.

« The boy depicted in the footage was involved in alleged criminal activity, including attempted theft and assault of members of the public, » police said in a statement to NCA NewsWire.

“Agents were forced to intervene after the boy refused to listen to their verbal requests. The boy was restrained for his own safety and later released after he calmed down.

“The police offered help to the boy and he returned home. The boy was unharmed.

“The actions of both the police and those involved have been recorded on video images carried by the police.”

The teen has not been charged, police said.


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