World news – Live: ATO receives 9,000 tip-offs about JobKeeper rorts, but hasn’t issued a single fine


    The Australian Taxation Office has received 9,000 tip-offs about businesses or sole traders rorting the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme since it began in late March, but hasn’t issued a single fine.

    The ATO told a Senate inquiry examining the Government’s response to the pandemic that 55,000 applications for JobKeeper were stopped in the system, before any money was paid out.

    It’s the video Melbourne needs — two young brothers singing about their hope that their city will emerge from lockdown and move back towards something like normal. So it should be no surprise it’s going viral.

    Lucas Thang, 12, and Austin Thang, 8, recorded a version of John Lennon’s classic Imagine, with words rewritten to reflect their situation.

         With lines like, “Imagine there’s no corona, and we can see our friends, hug and shake hands again, and don’t need to sanitise,” the two boys have gone viral.

    The duo hope people feeling stressed or unhappy in lockdown might get some enjoyment from their work.

    Cracks in the National Cabinet appear to be deepening, especially across the Nullarbor in Western Australia, as Labor-led states push back on Canberra’s decision to increase the cap on the number of Australians who can return home through their quarantine systems.

    How many times a day can I leave home to see my bubble? Can I stay overnight?

         There are no restrictions on the number of times you can see the people in your bubble. You can stay overnight or have up to five visitors from your bubble stay overnight at your house. 

    When you leave home stay safe by washing your hands regularly, coughing and sneezing into your elbow or a tissue, and keeping at least 1.5 metres from others. 

    “When my Dad fell for a coronavirus misinformation, I tried everything to convince him he was wrong. But I wasn’t able to help him.”

    You can read the full story by Srihari Ramada, as told to Jane Lee for Science Friction, here.

    Coronavirus case numbers are rising again in Europe. Some are blaming young people, who partied as usual this summer. But others say governments haven’t been doing enough to drive infection rates down.

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    World news – Live: ATO receives 9,000 tip-offs about JobKeeper rorts, but hasn’t issued a single fine


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