World news – US – What Time Will ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Be on Netflix?


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    There’s never a bad time for a new fantasy epic, and this week Netflix is dropping an exciting one. This September will mark the premiere of Dragon’s Dogma, a new anime series based on the critically-acclaimed game of the same name. But when exactly will Dragon’s Dogma be on Netflix?

    Released in 2012, the high fantasy game quickly gained a lot of attention. It has since been ported to modern consoles including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. And it’s getting yet another makeover, this time from the streaming giant that brought us that fabulous Castlevania adaptation. Here’s everything you need to know about Dragon’s Dogma from its release date and release time to its trailer and cast.

    Another anime adaptation of an awesome video game is coming to Netflix this week. The seven-episode series will premiere on Netflix this Thursday, September 17.

    If you’ve had Netflix for a while you already know the drill. All seven episodes of the new anime will be available on Netflix on September 17 started at 3/2c a.m. That means if you’re watching on the West Coast you’re in for a midnight premiere time. But if you’re East Coast based you’re looking at a far less reasonable 3 a.m. ET launch time.

    Wait what’s that? You don’t see the episodes on your profile? Don’t fret. Simply refresh your Netflix app or browser and the season should appear right away.

    There certainly is and it looks epic. Our first look at Dragon’s Dogma outlines all of the game’s major plot points. In a world where dragons haven’t been seen in over 100 years one emerges and attacks a village. But though the monster pulls out the heart of one man, he still survives. That man is Arisen, and it’s his destiny to take defeat the dragon and avenge his murdered family. Check it out above.

    You bet. The role-playing, hack-and-slash game was first published by Capcom in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The game follows the same basic story as the upcoming Netflix anime. After a dragon attacks a village, killing the family of one man, he rips out that man’s heart. Miraculously, this warrior survives and becomes known as Arisen, the one destined to defeat the dragon.

    Much like the fighting system, that too has been removed from the Netflix anime. But it seems as if Arisen will have at least one party member in the form of the dedicated archer Hannah.

    Greg Chun will be providing the voice of Arisen, and Erica Mendez will voice Hannah. For the Japanese version, Yūichi Nakamura and Nana Mizuki will be voicing the roles, respectively. Chun has also starred in Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, World of Warcraft, Diablo II, and Judgement. Mendez has starred in Puyo Puyo Tetris, Erased, Hunter x Hunter, and Sailor Moon. Additionally the anime will star Christina Vee as Olivia, David Lodge as the dragon, Jeannie Tirado as Louis, and Ryan Bartley as Salai.


    Dragon’s Dogma, Netflix

    World news – US – What Time Will ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Be on Netflix?

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