Younger creator explains the ambiguous end of the series finale: « The journey continues » (rate it!)



Youngers Kelsey Spinoff is « pretty off the table, » says Darren Star

Younger Recap: Unexpected reunions set the stage for the dramatic series’ finale

Kind warning: This article contains spoilers from the Younger series finale. Not looked? Come on and stream!

After seven seasons of intriguing, dreaming, and the occasional catching of Matthew Morrison getting affectionate with a sheep, Liza Miller’s journey ended on Thursday with the series finale of Younger. And boy, we have feelings (with a capital F!) On the whole thing.

Let’s start with Liza and Charles who finally reunited last week just to break up again – and not even because of the botched incubator deals. (Damn it, Liza’s feelings for Charles were so strong that she foolishly gave full control of the billion dollar idea to Kelsey!) The anti-climatic split came much later after Liza told Charles he was at Yaddo, an exclusive artist « Withdrawal that she secretly subjected him to.

 » If I hadn’t got into Yaddo, would you have let me know? « he asked during the pillow talk. And « maybe not » wasn’t the answer he was hoping for. « It would have been just your little secret, » he said. After several seconds (which felt like several hours) of silence, Liza asked, « We’re not going to make it, are we? » And just like that, Team Charles was put on the bench forever.

« Liza’s relationship with Charles was based on this very much that they project who they are to each other, ”explains series creator Darren Star to TVLine. “They haven’t been authentically together for very long, and when the going gets tough at the very end, they discovered they weren’t the right people for each other. More importantly, she would never get past the lie she told at the beginning of the series. The lie had consequences. It got her a career, but it cost her personal relationships. ”

Speaking of Liza’s career, one final twist we can all support is that Charles asked her to basically run Empirical while he was is not in Yaddo. Is it one of the fastest success stories in publishing history? Possibly. Were there any other employees who probably preferred it? Pretty sure. But come on, this is Younger – we threw « realism » out the window when Thad’s twin brother Chad came into the picture.

Star reminds us of Liza’s big career milestone: « That was her dream. That was her goal on the show. So she lied about her age and did everything possible – to get into publishing, to find a job she loved. ”

But the greatest moment for Liza – or at least the moment when the fans will definitely be screaming in front of their televisions – came in the very last moments of the episode. While celebrating her professional win, Liza met Josh at the bar, after which they reenacted their entire first conversation with the pilot. And when Liza noticed that she didn’t know Josh was there, he replied, “Really? Because you know what, I was by your side the whole time. ”That. Over.

Star wants this final interaction between Josh and Liza to speak for itself and simply says, « They’ve always had each other in their lives and the journey continues. » To end it ambiguously, he says, “I think of all the paths your story and your life could take, and we wanted to leave them open to all possibilities. For me there was something elegant about closing in on her story. ”

And for all the fans who assumed the series would end with Liza writing a book about her experience, maybe even a book called Younger Says Star: « I think that would have been a little on the nose. It’s not something we’ve ever really considered. ”

OK, younger fans, let’s get this out. Were you surprised that Liza and Charles gave up after spending all season meeting each other again? And how did you really feel about that ambiguous ending with Josh? Rate the finale and season in our polls below, then leave a comment with your full rating.
Younger creator explains the ambiguous end of the series finale: « The journey continues » (rate it!)





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